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    Mardi Gras Colors Spangled Knit Pullover

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    Introducing the "Mardi Gras Colors Spangled Black Knit Pullover" – a chic and festive addition to your Mardi Gras wardrobe. This pullover combines the elegance of black with the vibrancy of Mardi Gras colors, making it a versatile choice for any celebration.

    Product Name: Mardi Gras Colors Spangled Black Knit Pullover

    Key Features:

    • Mardi Gras Spangles: The pullover is adorned with spangles in traditional Mardi Gras colors (purple, green, and gold), adding a playful and eye-catching touch to your outfit.
    • Comfortable Knit Fabric: Crafted from soft and cozy knit fabric, this pullover offers warmth and comfort during the festivities.
    • Classic Black Base: The black base of the pullover provides an elegant backdrop for the Mardi Gras spangles, making it suitable for various occasions.
    • Versatile Design: The pullover's design allows for easy pairing with jeans, leggings, or skirts, making it a versatile choice for your Mardi Gras ensemble.

    Sizes Available:

    • Small (SM)
    • Medium (MD)
    • Large (LG)
    • Extra-Large (XL)

    Care Instructions: To maintain the vibrancy of the spangles, it is recommended to hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. Avoid ironing directly over the spangles to prevent damage.

    Styling Tips: Pair this pullover with your favorite bottoms and Mardi Gras-themed accessories for a festive look. Whether you're celebrating during the day or night, this pullover is perfect for embodying the spirit of Mardi Gras.

    More Details

    Made in India

    Style: Pullover

    Material: N/A

    Color: Black

    Care Instructions: Machine Washable

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    Mardi Gras Colors Spangled Knit Pullover

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