Anti-Fraud Policy

Last Updated: 1/1/2023

In an attempt to prevent fraudulent charges and to provide our customers with the best possible service and prices, Mardi Gras Apparel reserves the right to refuse all orders that:

  • Do not supply a Card Verification Value (CVV)
  • Do not supply or supply the wrong billing address associated with the payment method used to make the order.
  • Do not supply a phone number to be reached at.
  • The billing country does not match the country from which the order was placed.
  • Shipping address does not match the billing address of the payment supplied.
  • Have a high number of failed attempts of payment.
  • Use an address that is known or similar to fraudulent orders in the past.
  • The billing zip code does not match the billing zip code on the payment method used to place the order.
  • Do not supply an IP address.
  • Place orders via a proxy.
  • Place orders using an IP address that is not from the United States.
  • Does not use a valid email address.

Mardi Gras Apparel will cancel and refund all orders that are unable to be verified.


If your order was canceled and refunded due to fraudulent charges, please contact us using the contact us page and be sure to provide your name and phone number.  A representative will call you at the number you provide to assist you in making your order.  Please have the credit card that you used to make the order handy for verification.